Many recreationalists as well as survivalists seek a way to stay powered up during fun times as well as emergency situations. When you are thinking about survival these days, what comes to mind? Do you think about your computer, your iPhone, iPod, coffee maker. Perhaps you think about your clothes and your food. And having clean water and a clean shower. If any of these issues or thoughts come to mind, you can understand why solar generators are so popular.

Some of the best ways to be prepared in these days are to purchase a solar electrical generator and have it stored for emergencies only. While others like using it for their camping and outdoor adventures. If you are looking to purchase a solar powered generator, take a look at the options that are available online:

Ecotricity 1800 Solar Generator
Aeb Ox Power Plant
Powersource 1800 Solar Generator
Powerhub 1800
Powerhub Plus 1800

With these options, you’ll able to get both power and mobility. These solar powered generators are good on many levels, most people start with their budget and then make decisions from there. Depending on your particular situation, you might be inclined to be more focused on what it can power up and how long. As we go through my article on solar powered generators, you’ll learn about each one as well as some of the benefits of the models listed above.

Ecotricity 1800 Solar Generator is the less expensive of all the solar electrical generators. They are mostly branded as a battery company, that is the manufacturer. In regards to their solar generator, it is just like the Powersource 1800 however, it cost less. One thing that puzzles me is that they are looking to promote it as a survival gear, however they are in the battery category.

For the Powersource 1800 Solar Generator is like the one above, however they are more expensive, but also the manufacturer has the company all about survival. So is I was to choose the smaller units, I would choose Powersource 1800 because they are about backup portable emergency power. It provides up to 1800 watts of power and there are 5 outlets on the model itself. This kind of solar generator which is the 1800 model is the smallest of the 3 total models that SolutionsFromScience carries.

The other units from that company is the Powerhub 1800 and Powerhub 1800 Plus, basically it provides the same wattage, however the battery amp hours are different on these solar powered generators. They are massive in size and having a more powerful battery amp allows you to power or start up big amperage required appliances.

Now for the last and best solar powered generator. This company I think might blow them all out on the portable solar power part. The Aeb Ox Power Plant Solar Generator is another portable solar generator however it brings over 2000 watts of power and the battery amps are the bigger sizes. The cost more expensive, however if you have the budget and a family, it is well worth it.

From the comparing portion of this article, it seems like everyone will like the Aeb Ox Power Plant because of the power it puts out while at the same time, not costing to much.

What do I recommend?

Well my recommend is that you figure out what you need to power up. Some appliances you really don’t need but you think you do because you see it plugged into the kitchen or other places in the home. Depending on the circumstances, the only main things you’ll be concerned about is electricity, food, shelter and toilet. Having these taken care of the half the battle and having a solar generator makes this that much more easier.

But how do you choose a solar powered generators when there are many options and not sure what charges, what? Well if this happens to you, figure out in your mind mentally that you’ll get a unit that will be safe for your family and easy to use. Also, if you are very dependent on having backup power, make sure that you just order the Aeb Ox Power Plant Solar Powered Generator because it carries the most power per charge and is still portable. If you’re trying to figure out from the Eco1800 or the Powersource 1800, I recommend the Powersource 1800 as they are made from a company that is all about affordable survival gear that is backed up by the sun.

Source by Jordan E Abraham