Solar powered Christmas lights may be what the name on the package says, but they are good for any occasion. Light up your yard, decorate your fence, circle your garage, there are many opportunities for solar powered Christmas lights.

Hanging Regular Christmas Lights Can Be a Challenge

Here in Canada, putting up outdoor Christmas decorations in late November can be a chilling experience.

Fingers get cold.

Light cords get tangled.

The cold does not make it easy to add hooks. And it quite frankly is easy to be all thumbs when fingers and feet are numb from the cold.

What about power? How do you tuck the cord away so it is less visible? And keeping the plug dry is always a challenge.

Hanging Christmas lights can some times dampen the Christmas spirit.

Advantages of Solar Powered Christmas Lights

So are there big advangages to this type of powered Christmas lights?

Sure, you could argue that they will save on hydro costs.

There is also an arguement that they are safer. No power cord required means less chance of getting a shock when the dampness sits in on the plug. And there is no cord to trip over.

As for the cold and numb fingers, that is still something you have to cope with.

Where the big advangae comes in is that you can put the solar powered Christmas lights up anytime of the year. As stated in the beginning, the package might say Solar Powered Christmas Lights but the application is really any season lights.

How Do These Lights Work

Solar powered lights get their juice from the sun. That’s it.

During the day, they soak up the sun’s rays. That energy is stored in cells.

In essence, a big benefit of solar power is that the devices recharge themselves anytime the sun shines on them.

The good news is that you do not need to remember to turn them on. When the sun goes down, they can be set to come on automatically.

Depending on the kind of solar powered Christmas lights you get, some include a feature to come on automatically at a specific time and turn off automatically at a later time.

Great Product Any Season Application

These Christmas lights are not restriced to only the winter season. And they are not just for decorating a Christmas tree.

They can be used anywhere traditional decorative lights are used. And, since there is no power cord, solar powered Christmas lights can be installed even in places where there traditional decorative lights could not be placed.

Another big plus is the ability to use them where no hydro or electricty is available. Imaging the possibilities!

Conclusion Solar Powered Lights

The biggest negative is that they will cost you a few more dollars that tradtional electric lights.

For me, the benefits are worth it. I especially enjoy having them brighten up our RV when camping or boat when boating.. They not only provide a bright friendly welcome but are often the ice-breaker when new people stop by.