Solar panel manufacturing requires many skilled workers. Even more exciting is when solar panel manufacturing increases that is a direct correlation that solar option installations is also increasing. That’s a win win win for employment, the environment, and clean energy.

That is why Qcells’ announcement about a new solar panel manufacturing facility is being praised.

The new solar panel manufacturing plant will be located in Dalton, Ga. The $171 million investment will boost production of advanced photovoltaic modules.

Solar Panel Manufacturing Qcells CEO

Our additional investment in Dalton will help Qcells better serve the needs of U.S. customers with increased local manufacturing capacity,” states Qcells CEO Justin Lee.

Georgia has become the clean energy manufacturing heart of America, and we are proud to contribute to the state’s advanced manufacturing economy.

The new facility will produce 1.4 GW of solar modules per year made with Qcells’ next-generation photovoltaic cells, a high-efficiency tunnel oxide passivated contact technology, better known as TOPCon.

Located near the company’s existing 1.7 GW factory in Dalton, the expansion will bring Qcells’ total capacity in the U.S. to 3.1 GW.

State Governor Applauds Plant Construction

We are excited to see Qcells continue to expand in Georgia,” states Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp. “The state of Georgia and Korea have enjoyed an outstanding partnership for decades, supported by a dedication to relationship building. We have been focused on bringing jobs and opportunities to hardworking Georgians across the state.

Groundbreaking is planned for fall 2022. Operation is expected to commence within the first half of 2023.

Home Solar Options

Home Solar Options shares these public announcements for one simple reason – peace of mind.

We are very much aware many people are uncertain about the furtire of solar panel technology.

Others question the viability of this clean energy resource.

By sharing these public awareness announcements, we believe when people see businesses invest millions in new construction that is proof solar energy solutions are becoming more accessible and affordable.

Dependance on fossil fuels is at a tipping point. Now is the time to start seriously considering a clean energy alternative.