Solar lighting is recognized as a environmentally friendly way to enhance the natural look of communities. Over the next few paragraphs, we will review how simple applications of solar technology can be implemented. These steps, and other action, not only enhance the aesthetics of a community but also cut electricity grid usage. Using less electricity not only results in cost savings but is also good for the environment.

Additionally, solar lighting is plays a role in increasing security. This is a feature not always discussed.

What follows are examples of environmentally friendly solar lighting applications.

  1. Solar signage lights for entrance signs and public buildings.
  2. Solar-powered security lights to automatically light up common areas as people approach.
  3. Deck lights around pools, patios, and other areas.
  4. Landscape lights to highlight garden features and pathways.

Generally, solar saves money in both installation and operation.

Solar lighting does not need expensive wiring for installation and there is no need to connect to your local electric company. They are powered by accumulating sunlight during the day and can be set to automatically turn on after dusk.


Solar Lighting Environmentally Friendly Signage

Many residences have address signs, name signs, and other related signage at their entrances. The challenge is powering them through above ground  or underground electric wiring. The challenge is digging a trench, the cost of underground electric wiring, and so forth.

By using solar lighting electric wiring and trenches are no longer required.  An electric timer is not required, another cost saving, as they turn on automatically at dusk.

Additionally, smaller solar spotlights can be installed to mark street intersections, out buildings, pathways, and more.


Motion Activated Security Lighting

Solar lighting has also morphed into long lasting floodlights. One of the reasons the charge is held so long is because these solar powered floodlights only come on when there is movement or motion detected by its sensors.

In addition to providing a good resource for security outside, they can also be used inside in dark hallways and corridors.


Deck Lights

Swimming pools, tennis courts, outdoor games areas, and common patio entertaining areas are more popular. These are ideal locations and applications for solar lighting.

Solar deck lighting can be used to brighten these areas at night. The lights, strategically placed around the pool area, deck or patio help guide guests as they move about. A big plus is that solar lights are available if many colors. These help create the festive or party feeling.


Landscape Lighting

Perhaps the most common application of exterior solar lighting is what is referenced as landscape lighting.

There is a wide range of solar garden lights available. Strategically placed, they highlight garden and landscape features.

A common application is solar pathway lights. These often consist of decorative independent lights that emit a soft glow.

Whereas no electric cabling is required, all that needs to be done is stick them in the ground.


Summary Solar Lighting Environmentally Friendly Ways To Enhance Your Natural Look

Solar lighting has numerous applications. From boats to RVs, from home and garden to parking lot security. There are likely as many uses for solar as one’s mind could imagine.

What is significant is that no electrical wiring is required. There is no need to connect to the power grid, they come in multiple colors, and are easily installed.

Solar lighting is a cost-effective way to light up dimly lit corridors, hallways, pathways, parking areas, and more.