Solar LED lights are available for many applications. They are especially beneficial where power lines are non-existent or cost prohibitive to install poles, lines, and transformers to connect to the grid. One example of a popular area for installing solar led lights is parking lot security.

Often, when mentioning solar led lighting, it is confused with traditional led lights. There is a ssignificant difference. Solar led lighting is environment-friendly and recyclable. Being recyclable is news to many.  Yes, you can dispose of them in your trash bin. No special handling required.

In addition to being powered from a clean energy source, solar led lights are becoming less expensive and more easy to install.

Looking at the overall benefits of solar LED lights, we not only see the advantages of sun power but solar power also  translates into less drain on an often over worked electricity provider.

Solar Led Lights in parking lot

4 Parking Lot Security Benefits

Here are 4 benefits of solar led lights:

1. Efficiency

Just looking at cost, it might appear solar led lights are more expensive. However, when you factor in installation, longevity, and savings on the hydro bill, you quickly discover they provide a higher return on your investment.

According to statistics, they are 500% more efficient. Plus, by being powered from the sun, they are a lot more efficient and not susceptible to power surges not uncommon when powered through hydro.

2. Installation

Installation is easy and less dangerous than trying to connect to the grid. Even more impressive is that unlike other commercial lighting options, solar powered LED lights do not get hot or overheat. Additionally, also unlike traditional commercial parking lot lighting, these LEDs do not have the any toxic materials like mercury, UV, or IR rays.

3. Security

One of the most common challenges with regular lighting is to verify the color of a vehicle in a parking lot. This is a real security issue as it means traditional commercial lighting also makes it difficult to confirm the color of a suspected car thief’s vehicle and clothing.

Solar parking lights eliminate that problem. The lumen, amount of light emitted per second, is up to 7000im. This is excellent for an outdoor space like a parking lot.

4. Environment

Environmental advantages of solar LED lights far outnumber the benefits of commercial lighting.

Traditional parking lot lighting requires electricity from the local power company. That provider, to generate electricity, requires fossil fuels. In the production, those types of fuel emit pollution.

Solar energy, on the other hand, is just about 100% clean. It has zero side effects. And, unlike fossil fuels, it is an abundant source. Fossil fuels will eventually be depleted or unattainable.

Summary Solar Led Parking Lot Lights

The overwhelming conclusion is the benefits of solar powered LED lighting far outweigh commercial lighting systems.

The quality of light is excellent for security. The power source is renewable, no fossil fuels required.

They are better for the environment and, although a little pricier upfront, they more than pay for themselves.