Solar lamps not only take advantage of the benefits of solar power they are also truly functional. Today we know that solar power is considered to be the most efficient and renewable source of energy available to us. We also know that as technologies develop, new and unique applications of this renewable source of energy are being uncovered. Among them is the solar lamp.

Why Solar Lamps Are Popular

When speaking about solar energy, there are two constants. Those two constants are part of the reason why solar lamps are becoming more popular. They are

* Consumer need to reduce costs driven by the economy and cost of living

* People more focused on environmental issues.

This explains why solar lamps are grabbing attention. The next question is what other advantages do solar powered lamps offer?


Advantages Solar Powered Lamps

Below are a few significant advantages of making use of solar lamps. The list is not all inclusive. There are many more advantages. These represent the most popular.

Energy Costs Zero

For many consumers the cost of maintaining a home or cottage is concerning. Any opportunity to save a few dollars is important. Hence, this is one of the prime reasons people are purchasing solar lamps.

Other than the initial purchase price of a solar lamp, there are no other expenses. A solar lamp, just as the name implies, is powered by the sun. Sun energy is totally free.

For this reason, you see more architectural designs and businesses upgrading their property including solar lamps in the design. Zero energy cost is dollars that can be used or invested elsewhere.


Minimal Maintenance, Repair, Easy Replacement

What does easy replacement mean? Just that – easy. Easy because once installed solar lamps generally last a lifetime. So easy really means they generally do not have to be replaced.

Because there are really no mechanical parts in solar powered lamps, there is minimal maintenance.

When it comes to repairs, it is primarily giving the solar panel and glob a clean. Causes for the need for cleaning are similar to the cause for need for cleaning in any parking lot or exterior home lamp, bird droppings and dust.


Environmental Considerations Climate Change

As mentioned above, solar powered lamps are eco friendly. But there is more.

As climate change impacts the world, power outages are becoming more frequent. Being prepared for these outages mandates a change in how we do that. At the time of this writing, portable generators were a popular choice for maintaining power to critical areas in a house or business.

For example, homeowners often want their freezer kept running, businesses need to keep emergency lighting, and so forth. Hence the use of fuel powered generators. These generators not only use what is referred to as dirty fuel but also cause pollution while running.

Solar power is now at the stage where it can replace generators, run freezers, and provide security lighting. Plus, a whole lot more. For this reason and more, solar lamps and other solar powered devicies are not only environmentally friendly but also play a positive role as climate change evolves.


Easy Home Installation No Wiring

Because there is no wiring, solar lamps are an easy home installation. Since you are not connecting to your electrical panel or the local power company’s grid, you do not need a professional to do the installation.

For larger installations, like a parking lot, the owner can install them. However, a lift may be required if the lamp is well above the ground. Other than that, like a home installation, an electrician is not required as there is no wiring and no hook-up to the grid.


Complete Kit Package

A solar lamp requires a rechargeable battery, LED light bulb, PV panel, and the housing to contain and protect the lamp. If you were replacing one of these components, you could buy it separately. However, when doing a new install the package includes everything you need right down to the screws, installation, instructions, and maintenance guidelines. Generally, you would be able to do the install right out of the box.


Negatives of Solar Lamps

If you have read this far, like many others you are likely thinking “There’s got to be some negatives?

You would be correct. There are a few drawbacks.

One is Cost. Because solar powered lamps require technology like photo cells to capture the sun’s rays and to convert those rays to energy, the initial investment is more. This is a no go for many who find the cost prohibitive. In time, the cost will come down. Right now, it is much higher than regular lighting. Our hope is one does not forget, solar powered devices will pay for themselves in time.

Another challenge or negative for some is location. Solar powered devices need exposure to the sun. For some, this is an obstacle.

Other than the obvious reason of being in an area that gets very little sunlight, homeowners might find where the solar lamp needs to be placed to catch the sunlight is not safe or perhaps not aesthetically pleasing.


Summary Solar Lamps Advantages And Disadvantages

From this authors perspective, the benefits of solar lamps far outweigh the negatives. We do understand that cost can be a challenge. However, for the positive return and the benefits to the environment, we believe the long-term gains make solar power a solution that needs to be embraced.