Solar Installation Companies What You Should Be Aware Of

Solar installation companies are popping up just about everywhere. But, are they reputable? More importantly when selecting a solar installation company what should you be aware of?

For many homeowners, installing roof top solar is a big step. Like any big dollar investment, finding a someone for the solar installation is something one needs to take seriously. Contracting with the the wrong solar installation company could lead to not only financial loss but an ineffective installation.

Solar Installation Companies 5 Check Points for Selecting the Right One

There are a lot of companies who claim to properly install solar systems. The question is how do you know which one you should contract with?

Here are five check points that you should consider when selecting a solar installation company.

  • Experience: Previous Work and Workmanship

Although some will focus on how long solar installation companies have been around, the more important question is how many years experience do the installers have.

A company may have been in business for decades but just entered the solar installation business. If the installers are inexperienced, the tenure of the company does not benefit the proper installation.

Reputation is also a question you should ask about. If the company is new in the business, ask for past work the installers completed. If the installation company has been around for a few years, then most likely they will offer testomies as part of the sales package.

  • Registered: License and  Insured

Although many home owners rarely ask, it is important that you select a solar installation company who is regietered with the proper municiple authorities and has workers compensation insurance.

Here is how homeowners get into trouble. To save on costs, they contract with ABC Company. The quote is way below any of the others. Price is everything, right? Wrong.

The workers are up on the roof. One falls and is seriously injured. The contractor you hired has no insurance. Gues who is going to be sued? Yep, the homeowner.

Key point here is make sure the installation company you select provides confirmation of all the right insurances. Most reputable companies will in their sales package or quote.

  • Pricing: Competitive Quote and Warranty

We already know that price is not the only criteria that you should look at. But like everyone else, the home budget is something that needs to be managed.

To ensure you get the best bang for your solar installation, get three quotes. Then sit and compare each one. Not only the type of solar equipment they will be installing but also where they are recommending the panels be, what sizes they are recommending, and the time frame.

Additionally, there is the question of warranty. True, the solar equipment manufactures have a warranty on their equipment. But what about a warranty on the installation? Key point is to ensure the solar installation company you select warrants their craftmanship.


It is not always about the money. Price is at the top of the list of getting the best deal. But it is only the best deal when the work is completed properly, hassle free for you, and backed up by a warranty.

When selecting a solar installation company, give yourself time to get at least three quotes. Compare each one. The go with the company that is best for you, not necessarily the lowest price or the sales person who gave you the better presentation.