Solar Boating Lights Efficient or Pending Disaster

Solar boating lights are more than just a fad. Their popularity is increasing. Their usefulness expanding. But are they a pending disaster in the making?

One of the great advantages is that solar lighting works almost anywhere. All you need is the sun to keep them charged.

Solar Lights Come On When the Sun Goes Down

The principle of how solar boating lights work is the same as how the sun powers solar panels on your roof.

During the day, sunlight is captured by the solar cells. Solar cells work the same way solar panels do. Sunlight captured by the solar cells is stored in the solar boating lights’ batteries for future use. The future use is as evening approaches and it gets darker, the solar boating lights come on.

Tight Quarters On A Boat

Space is limited on a boat. This is an advantage for using solar lights. There are no cords. This is an important safety consideration because on the deck of a boat there should not be anything laying loose that someone could get caught in and trip. Cordless boat solar lighting, in this sense, is a plus for boating safety.

Minimal Cost and Decorative

Two additional benefits of solar lights, in addition to how easy they attach to the outside of a boat, is that they are inexpensive to buy and install.

And once installed, they can be very attractive or decorative.

A caution is in the color of the light mounted on the exterior of the boat. Red and green have a specific use in boating. It could be a pending disaster if another craft mistakes the decorative solar boating lights as actual markers.

Mounting In The Galley and Cabins

Mounting solar lights under cabinets makes it convenient to light up the galley without losing any space. These lights easily mount under cabinets and in nooks that would otherwise not be well lit.

Another convenience is the easy to use and install rope or string lights. They are great for spaces with no natural light. From a decorative perspective, they come in an assortment of colours and lengths. It would not be too difficult to customize the illumination to fit moods or special moments 🙂

Solar Boating Light Meet The Dock

From boating lights to solar dock lights. These type of lights are gaining in popularity for many reasons.

Versatility is one reason. This type of solar light can be installed either permanantly or temporarily just about anywhere.

They are waterproof.

And, because they are solar, they do not require hydro from the grid. Other than the cost to buy them, there is no cost for electricity to use them.

In summary, solar lights can be used anywhere at any time. The focus in this article was solar boating lights. But the concept can be applied to light up those dark spots in the basement, provide light in a storage shed, be used when camping, and so much more.

Solar energy has many applications. Its green, efficient, and will be a catalyst impacting climate change.