RV solar power is a must have for RVing enthusiasts. They are especially beneficial for anyone who enjoys dry camping.

If you love to take the RV or camper out on road trips, then RV solar power is probably for you. Heading out in the RV is a joy shared by millions of people, but far too few are utilizing solar energy as a source of power for their campers.

Here are three good reasons you should consider solar power for your RV.


1) RV Solar Gives You More Choices

You do not want to run the electric components in your RV for too long with the engine off. The reason, you risk running your battery dry.

Today most RV sites have outlets you can connect to. They will definitely keep things running.  But why be dependent on having to go to RV parks with electrical hook-ups?

Adding solar panels to your RV means you will be able to generate electricity for your RV’s appliances just about anywhere the sun shines. The benefit of this is that you can pull over any time you want just about wherever you want. Not having to be dependent on 30 – or 50-amp power sources means you can park worry free.


2) Reduce Cost No Electrical Hook-up Required

When you pull into your spot at the RV-park and hook-up to their 30- or 50-amp power it you are paying for that. The cost of the power you will be using is factored into the cost of your site rental.

Solar power gives you the option of reserving an overnight site without the usual power hook-up. These sites cost less. That is dollars in your pocket making your holiday even better.


3) RV Solar Power Better for the Environment

Environmental concerns are very political today. And, regardless of what some may think, RVers recognize that taking care of our environment is important.

When parked and you connect to the power from the grid, you are drawing power that is generated through dirty, non-renewable sources.

Alternatively, leaving your engine running while parked to avoid draining your battery is even worse! The exhaust is pollution.

By using solar to power the appliances in your RV, you are doing your part to reduce emissions and reduce the amount of power company generated electricity. Each of these benefits the environment.

3 Reasons to Take Your RV Solar

Summing up, there are many reasons why RVers install RV solar power.

A key benefit is the flexibility. Since you do not need to be connected to the grid, you can pull up to just about anywhere.

Getting setup is not hard, not expensive, and requires little storage space for the gear.

RV solar power is a winning choice for RVing. For more information, checkout this RVing website.