Home solar panels design ideas is almost job one in making the decision to add solar panels to your home.

With all the benefits of solar panels for residential homes and commercial businesses, it is almost silly to wonder why anyone would hesitate to get them installed.

One reason many homeowners may take their time coming to a decision on solar panels is the aesthetics. How will they look on the home is a real consideration?

While solar panels are a proven sustainable and cost effective energy solution, it is likely you have seen homes that look overwhelmed by their solar systems and placement of the solar panels.

The same story does not have to be true for you. You can work with solar solutions experts to design a solar energy system that looks as good on your home as any addition might.

When it comes to adding home solar panels, it is more common than one would expect for the curb appeal of a home to be one of the primary concerns of homeowners.

This is a valid concern. And if that is how you feel, you are not alone in wondering how a valuable, cost saving addition will affect the aesthetic of your home.

Below are some of the design options for home solar systems homeowners can take advantage of and use to maintain and enhance the curb appeal and resale value of their home.

Location Location Location

Many times, homes have solar panels installed that are big time noticeable.

This should not always be necessary. Notice the word ‘always’. Sometimes for various reasons it is difficult to maintain the aesthetics. But that is not the norm.

Before having your home solar panels installed, set some planning time aside to consider how to position solar panels for most effectiveness and best curb appeal.

Depending on the how your home is situated on your lot, you may be able to install home solar panels on the side of the roof that faces away from the street.


Home Solar Panels Yard or Ground Installation

Generally, and most common are rooftop home solar panels installations.

A consideration, if you have the yard and a clear sun facing view, is to get ground panels installed on your property.

Yard or ground panels are secured using posts or concrete along with a racking system. This means no worry of them falling over during extreme weather.

If you have the land, you can benefit from a ground mounted home solar panel system. One reason is related to how much more versatile they are than roof mounted solar panels.

They also have a little more tolerance for the angle they are mounted on. Being able to do this allows them to be altered to capture maximum sunlight.

Another benefit is the size of the solar panel layout can be designed to accommodate how much space you have.

A downside, compared to roof mounted solar panels, is these systems are a bit more costly. However, in many respects they can be much more effective.


Choose Solar Panel Frames That Best Match Your Home

As a homeowner, being concerned about the aesthetics of solar panels on your roof or in your yard is a real concern.

There are not only choices in location, roof top or ground level, there are also choices in the color of the solar panel frames. At this time, the two prime color choices are silver and black.

Black can complement homes with darker roofing. Beware that black is not always available in some sizes. So, it goes without saying, it is best to speak with your home solar panel provider about the options before you get started.

By-the-way, silver frames are generally less expensive than black frames. This has noting to do with one being better than the other.


Summary Home Solar Panels

With the emphasis on climate change and the environment, home solar panels is a viable option to complement each of this concerns.

Deciding on roof top mounted or ground level mounted is more a choice of aesthetics than effectiveness.

Regardless of where the panels are located, what is essential is that they be where they can get the most sun.