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At Home Solar Options, we pride ourselves on being a resource to people keen on turning their home, cottage, or business into a more energy efficient building.

It is not about us. And, although by us helping you some might think it is about them, when it come to solar options that would be only partially true.

Truth is, it is about generations to come. By us acting now to reduce greenhouse gases, to do what each one of us can to be a part of the climate change solution, solar options is about a greener tomorrow.

There is also another part of why Home Solar Options exists. That is to help you on your journey to select the best solar options for your home, cottage, or business. There are dollars to be saved, costs that can be cut, when you have the right solar energy solution.

So ask away. If you have a question we cannot answer, we’ll source someone who can.

If you would like someone to contact you about a solar energy solution, we can arrange that. Our network extends across the US and Canada. Simply complete the form on the right and we will make that happen. No charge, complimentary assessment.