US Military to increase use of solar power

by Solarexpert on August 8, 2012

Military bases to install solar and wind power systemsIn what can only be viewed as good news by the solar power industry the Defense department has announced that it will be encouraging the development of alternative power sources, primarily solar and wind power, on bases in the Southwestern United States.

You can read more about it here…Solar Power, Wind Power get boost from the Pentagon.

The stated objective of this program is to increase the energy security of military bases and help to insulate them from blackouts like the one that recently blanketed India.

Many of the military bases located in the Southwest, primarily in the States of California, Arizona and Nevada, lie in ideal areas for solar power systems so it only makes sense to have these systems installed.  This should also take a bite out of the military’s annual $4 billion energy bill and relieve pressure on the civilian electric grid in the areas surrounding the bases as well.

Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, who certainly supports this since it would bring needed pork back to his home state of Nevada praised the program. Hopefully this project will fair better than Amonix’s solar facility near Las Vegas, an earlier “Green Energy” project backed by Reid that has gone bust after burning through $21.5 million in Federal grants and loans.

This project is government run

A worrying element of this project which, while most assuredly a government boondoggle, will still benefit the solar industry by increasing production and (hopefully) lowering production cost is that is going to be managed and run by Defense Department in cooperation with the Interior Department.  As most government run programs are inefficient and poorly managed I do have my worries of exactly how much this will cost and how effectively it can be implemented.

photo by: langalex
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