The Case for Home Solar Power

by Solarexpert on August 11, 2012

DIY Solar Power SystemHome solar power, despite it’s high price in comparison to ways of generating electricity, is great for three applications –

  1. As an emergency source of power
  2. In a remote location when other sources of power simply aren’t available
  3. For mobile applications such as an RV or off road vehicle

This insight was recently shared by John Robb on his excellent Resilient Community blog. (Worth a read and subscribing to if you’re seriously interested in resilient living, which includes solar power.)

Now I’m a big fan of having a solar power system installed in your home for multiple reasons, including the above but also because having solar panels on your roof gives you control over the electrical power supply to your home.  Since electrical power is so important to functioning in modern day society I personally don’t want to be in a situation where I don’t have power for an appreciable length of time and that means I want to have solar power installed in my home.

As Mr. Robb states, solar power systems are still expensive, especially when they are not subsidized, but the missing element is not the cost of the system, rather it is the cost of “not” having power for a long period of time.

Here’s a fact…the US power grid is old, antiquated and overtaxed, as evidenced by the frequent outages that occur throughout the country when the weather heats up and people fire up their air conditioners.  And the hotter it gets the more likely we are to have a power outage, just as we’ve seen this past summer.

No easy fix for Eastern power outages

Heat Wave knocks out power

 Southern California Edison Power Outage map

Okay, I’m not picking on John Robb because I do agree with him that for the majority of people the three situations he mentions comprise the best “value” applications for home solar power.  And I heartily endorse his recommended course of action, which is to cheaply install small scale D-I-Y type solar installations with enough generating capacity to meet your most critical needs.  for me this would be enough power for my computer, my refrigerator and freezer, and some lights.  This is a bare minimum but if the power was out for days, as has happened and will happen again in the future.

If your interested in solar power for your home, whether it’s to prepare for an emergency or simply to supplement your existing power supply (and saving you money), you can start here – Solar Power Systems for your Home

photo by: Dave Dugdale
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