Solar Power Panels – Determining optimum Tilt

by Solarexpert on August 4, 2012

Solar Power Panels - San Diego portSolar Power panels generate electricity by converting the sun’s energy into electricity.  It’s simply common sense that more sun on the panels equals more power generated…and more energy saves you more money.

While solar panels will still generate electricity from diffused and reflected sunlight you will obtain optimum performance when the amount of direct sunlight falling direct on the panels is maximized.  This means not only ensuring your panels have an unobstructed view of the sky that isn’t blocked by trees, buildings and such, it also means making sure your panels are pointing in the right direction.

Solar Power panels in the Northern hemisphere need to point to True South whereas panels in the Southern Hemisphere need to point to True North.  That the basic orientation.  But as you know the sun moves around in the sky throughout the day and throughout the year, luckily in predictable patterns.  This means you that, with a little effort, you can improve the efficiency of your solar power system, sometimes by a significant percentage.

Here is a great guide to achieving the Optimum Tilt of Solar Panels for your system. If you have PV panels on your home or business, and want maximum performance (and who doesn’t), then this is a good way to ensure your pointed in the right direction.

Need more solar panels or looking to get started with a home solar power system?  You can start here, Solar Power Systems. Solar power is a great way to achieve energy independence.


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