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by Solarexpert on January 9, 2010

Here are a couple links to solar power happenings and things.  Lot’s of things going on.

The National Wildlife Federation has an excellent piece on renewable energy potential in Nevada.  This gives a great overview of Nevada’s renewable energy potential and the current state of renewable energy resources in the State.  Since it is the National Wildlife Federation they continue to cling to the global warming charade rather then emphasizing the need to expanding all sources of abundant fuel…coal, Natural Gas and Nuclear as well as renewable sources, but I found this very informative.

There is a small, 10MW solar power plant being built in Mexico that will provide power to San Diego.  This article takes an interesting look into solar power development in Mexico, a country blessed with abundant natural resources of oil and natural gas.  The solar industry is small in Mexico but there is a lot of interest in building Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants along the border and selling power into the United States.  This would help avoid all the red tape involved with trying to get anything done in the United States, especially in the politically inept State of California. IT is sad that our government can’t even expedite the construction and permitting of vital power plants in our country.  It not enough that we adopt policies that export jobs out of our country, we even force companies to export our power generation.

And some good news! It looks like the unnecessary “Cap & Trade” legislation, a set of taxes and laws that are truly harmful to the economy and people of the United States, will not get done this year.  Hopefully we can kill this harmful and unnecessary piece of legislation.

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