Solar power generation on the rise

by Solarexpert on December 31, 2009

Here are some recent developments in the solar power industry.  The Obama administration has earmarked billions of dollars for renewable energy development.  Here are some of the thing going on.

Concentrated solar power (CSP) – Instead of using Photovoltaic panels to generate power concentrated solar power plants use mirrors to concentrate and direct the suns rays onto a single point, usually a receiver tower, where it boils a liquid that is used to generate steam and turn a turbine which will then generate electricity.  A good example of this type of solar power plant is the planned Rice Solar Generating Station in Riverside, CA.  When online this plant will generate 150MW of electricity.

California’s Wine Industry, one of the few industries that can’t be driven out of the State by high taxes and an over-regulated business environment is moving aggressively to integrate solar power into their operations.  Here is a list of California Wineries that have installed solar power systems in one form or another. Given the high cost of power in the Golden State it only makes sense that taking control of your power generation is a smart business decision.

A recent press release by California Governor Schwarzenegger announced 244 renewable energy projects in various stages of planning throughout the State.  If all 244 are completed, which may prove doubtful given California’s overly political and convuluted permitting process, these projects will generate over 70,000 MW of electricity. 

And finally, here is a resource we can use to start to integrate solar power systems into our lives. The Solar Electricity Handbook 2009: A Simple, Practical Guide to Using Electric Solar Panels and Designing and Installing Photovoltaic Solar PV Systems If we are to truly gain energy independence we need to start taking charge of our own personal energy futures.  Technology has put the ability to efficiently generate power within our grasp and we need to do so.

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