California achieves 1 Gigawatt

by Solarexpert on November 13, 2011

Solar Power Panel on RoofThe State of California, which heavily subsidizes the solar power industry, recently hit an important solar power milestone. Solar Power panels capable of generating more than one Gigawatt of power have been installed on roofs in the state. The article is here…California hits 1 gigawatt milestone.

Many of these were a result of the California Solar Initiative, which encourages homeowners and small businesses to install solar panels on their roofs. The CSI is credited with 600 Megawatt’s of generating capacity.  Here’s information on the California Solar Initiative.

Some more good news, for those of us who are fans of solar power, is that installations are still taking place in spite of the bad economy. Of the 1 Gigawatt milestone, 210 Megawatts was installed in 2011 alone.

These are good times for solar power.

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