Solar Power Options for Your Home

Solar power generation for your home, business and community?

When making the decision to install a solar electric power system in your home you have several options. Home Solar Options is designed to provide you with the information on solar power, solar water heating and alternative power systems that you need to integrate solar power and other alternative energy systems into your life and the life of your community.

Solar power generation covered on this website includes photovoltaic generated solar electric power, solar concentrating technologies, thermal solar, solar heating for both water and air and even solar ovens.

Solar power alone is not going to save the earth, but solar power “is” the easiest, best and most convenient way for you as an individual to support energy independence for yourself, your family and your country.

I started this website because I truly believe that solar power, along with other renewable fuel power sources, can really make a difference in the quality of life for us as individuals and for mankind. This site is designed to provide reviews, links, and resources about solar power systems, solar panels, solar water heating and available solar options that you can use to achieve energy independence.

Energy Freedom! Take charge of your energy destiny.

Solar power gives you control over your future and frees you from high energy costs for the life of your system.

There are two primary solar power options you have for your home – 1) Solar Electric power and 2) Solar hot water. Each of these will reduce your power footprint on the grid and move you in the direction of energy independence.

When most people think about solar power they think about photovoltaic solar power panels placed on a roof of a house, building or a road sign that generates electrical power when the sun shines on it. While photovoltaic’s are an important and common way to generate electricity there are a lot of other ways the sun can be used to generate power and energy.

For the purposes of this site we’ll define solar power not only as the conversion of the sun’s energy into electricity, but all ways in which we can use to sun to heat and power our homes and businesses and make our lives easier. As we enter into the second decade of the 21st Century solar power will only grow in importance as a means to power our homes, heat our water and even cook our food. With rising fuel costs and improved solar technology more and more people are looking at solar power to rest easy, reduce their energy costs and to make their lives better.

How Home Solar Energy works

The simplest and fastest way to take advantage of solar power for the energy needs of an existing home or building is by installing Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panels on the roof. These PV panels will convert sunlight into electricity, thereby reducing or eliminating the power you need to draw from the electrical grid. While these panels are usually placed on the roof of the home facing as South as possible they are sometimes located remotely from the house. The important thing is to have the panels located where they will be exposed to the most sunlight for the longest time.

When the sun is out and shining on the panels you have electricity. The energy generated is clean, so it helps our environment and renewable, so it helps our economy by decreasing our dependence on oil. Photovoltaic cells generate direct current (DC) electricity, so an inverter is installed to convert the DC electricity into Alternating Current (AC), which is what we use in our homes and businesses.

Solar Energy Saves You Money


We are all interested in saving money. Energy costs continue to rise and will rise in the future. Installing a solar energy system will save you money. But how exactly does it do this? It does this through a process known as “Net Metering”. When your home or business is tied to the electrical grid and your solar power panels are producing more electricity than you are using the excess power generated is fed back into the electrical grid. This causes your meter to spin backwards, giving you a credit with your utility company.

Of course, when you are using more power than your solar system is generating your meter runs forward. If your system is designed to produce the same amount of power as you use on a yearly basis the end result will be zero, you will pay nothing for your electric power usage.

The average home can easily supply upwards of 75% of it’s own electrical use. Any extra power can be sold back to your electric utility A big advantage of solar energy is that it is pollution free. Installing solar power in your home and business will drastically reduce your energy costs and fight global warming at the same time.

Solar power systems are modular, giving you the ability to add solar power panels over time, growing the generating capacity of your system over time.

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